Raw Nerve Zine, Великобританія

Erase And Reborn The Humanity
2012, Metal Scrap Records.

This Ukrainian band has a rather strange but effective blend of thrash and grind, coupled to native instrumentation as the band refers to it. A sci-fi electronic start fools you before the rampant racket of "Cage With No Limits" is ferociously unleashed onto the listener with the snare blast residing in Leng T'che territory and the riffs pulverising the moshing backyard of someone like Gama Bomb. Occasional references to Deicide step into the fold as "Too Much?" displays the so called native instrumentation in full piping glorified bastardisation. The violence of the riffing is bolstered by straight double kick and a gravity roll blasting which seems to alternate with the normal hand blast technique, well to my ears anyway.

I cannot emphasise how riveting some of the riffs are on here as Sectorial prefer to pepper the listener with a myriad of styles against a backdrop of feral savagery in the rhythm section. Within the confines of grind Sectorial take their cue from the likes of Wormrot, Insect Warfare and modern day Napalm Death though I'd say the sound here is not as rich or unforgiving as those outfits, though it's not built on fluffy pillows either. I adored the riff to "Internal Enemy" with its intense beating being highly infectious akin to Incantation before the insane blast transforms the tune to anarchic bedlam. Following very closely indeed is "Why Are You Killing Yourself?" again ingrained with a cracking sense of melody utilising a groove and blast strategy for maximum carnage. The riffs are here, there and bloody everywhere it seems as at times I detected a bit of Hateplow due to the hybridisation of death and grind.  "Stolen World" is truly immense with its unbelievable catchy riff and even with the weird instruments added to it work in a perverse sense.

With 23 tunes driving an aural nailgun into your cranium the band straddles a fine line between incessant cacophony and sheer brilliance  as just when you thought nothing new could appear in the scene here come Sectorial testing the boundaries for both thrashers and grinders.

Martin Harris

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