Double Blast For Triple Kill Tour 2012


We gotta get up
We gotta get goin'
We gonna see our friends! (C)
Dear mates, at 13.09 we will be ready to start our turbo pleasant trip with wonderful friends from a beautiful country of amazing recipes of cooking frogs, gorgeous loafs and the most tasty wines.
The exchange of cultural experience program includes visiting of 3 countries, 12 cities, plenty of clubs, bars, fuel filling columns, water closets and shops.
We will be very glad to see our old friends and hope to meet new!

Below are two tour posters (one from us, the other by our French friends), a complete list of cities and meetings in social networks.


09/13/12 — Chernihiv

09/14/12 — Kiev

15/09/12 — Chisinau

16/09/12 — Mariupol

09/17/12 — Rostov-on-Don

18/09/12 - Voljsky

09/19/12 - Samara

09/20/12 - Penza

09/21/12 - Tula

09/22/12 - Bryansk 

23/09/12 — Veliky Novgorod

24/09/12 - St. Petersburg


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