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Erase And Reborn The Humanity
2012, Metal Scrap Records.
SECTORIAL are from the Ukraine.After some Eps they released last year their first full-length cd named “Erase And Reborn The Humanity“ via Metal Scrap Records.

After a very spheric intro (“He Who Eats The Tale“) it goes with “Cage With No Limits“ directly off! You can hear here a rather weird mixture of Folk music and Grindcore. Very needs getting used to and nevertheless hard and savage songs which are played extremely fast. Constant fire from the first to the last note! By the variable use of tempi and music styles develop a pretty extraordinary cd which is very innovative and moves far away of any genre cliches. Mixed with some Thrash Metal elements “Erase And Reborn“ receives thereby additional independence and liveliness. Nevertheless the songs contain all of them a dark touch. The cd includes all in all 23 songs which are all pretty short. Very ambitious songs which come across fresh and energetic. SECTORIAL manage it here to present a colourful mixture of styles which is worth to be listened to!!!


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