Evil Warnings, USA [8/10]

Erase And Reborn The Humanity
2012, Metal Scrap Records.

JV: I never imagined that grindcore could sound this tasty in Ukraine. I’ve tried many varieties in the past but this one is up there with the best dishes. Usually 23 songs in 44 minutes is too much to digest but these guys know how to make enjoyable songs with all kinds of weird arrangements without losing an inch of brutality. Did I hear a flute in the second track ironically titled “Too Much”?.

This is not your classic muddy grindcore production, the sound is excellent and you can hear all the instruments with complete clarity. These dudes also rip their instruments with rocking solos, neck-breaking riffs and fantabulous speed. I think the weakest link I don’t know why, is the singer, but still, it does the job well.

8/10. Great psychotic album

Averatu: In this case, Sectorial stands for one brutal slam in your stupid face, plus flute. If Nasum where from somewhere in Eastern Europe, and got all folk happy, the result might sound like this. Tighter than constipation, break neck speeds that make me wonder if the drums are not in fact programmed, really well recorded and produced. Even if it’s not all in English, these guys may well become the next grind powerhouse.

8/10 it grinds you down.

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