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Erase And Reborn The Humanity
2012, Metal Scrap Records.
When you see that an album has 20+ songs you pretty much know that you’re not going to get a prog metal album full of 15 minutes songs. No, better prepare for countless bursts of short sharp shocks. Get ready to be blown away from a massive assault of furious intensity. Sectorial is a blank spot for me. But knowing nothing about them can be a relief too. You can take it on without any pre-conceived ideas of what it should sound like. This is short bursts of death metal/grindcore proving that you don’t have to write 5 minutes songs to make it interesting. OK, there are songs on this album longer than 3 minutes and they are just as to the point as the shorter ones. But all in all a pretty cool record from a band totally new to me.
Anders Ekdahl

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