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Erase And Reborn The Humanity
2012, Metal Scrap Records.
Ukrainians grinding on grind.
Release Date: 2 Apr 2012 — 12:30pm

Slavic band Sectorial shows off out of the blue a blend between grindcore and folk music. I mean, a friend said there is a band that did it before, but I don’t believe it’s in the same shape of these Ukrainian lads!

The album is noisy, with brass-knuckled attacks of fulminant grind/hardcore and chaos runs rampant! The production is very well-made with all the instruments appearing but with the right dosage of filthiness required in a band like this.

But although, in the basis, they stick to traditional grindcore blueprints, the folk elements with even some parts of black metal are weird! Just imagine Napalm Death with Nokturnal Mortum (mainly from the album Nechrist)

The songs are short- with few exceptions- and after the intro He Who Eats the Tale, the fracas of Cage with no Limits pervades the ambience with very short phrases and dissonant (but never discordant) thrumming. Let the mosh pit burn!

Songs like The Exhaust (52 seconds), Stones Have a Vote (19 seconds) or Rushing Ahead (a frantic atomic strike the will nettle even the deaf) are too fast to be kept in the long-term memory and then retrieved, but that’s the intention with other grindcore attacks by the middle of the album.

But on songs like Too Much and Stolen Word (with the most memorable riff of the album, indeed, the best song), the punkish riffage hybridises with folk instrumentation and even a Jew's harp is perceived by the middle of the former song. There are even folkish interludes like the three-minute-long Before the Silence Come, with the chirping of birds and flutes from the past. Kind of anticlimactic for a grindcore CD, but interesting to say at least.

There are more highlights like Religion-Business and its singalong eponymous chorus and the closer, Rise Up!, a cover of a band called Phobia, and its gummy refrain, “rise up, your self-esteem”…

Flaw of the Law is another one which shows their Cruachan-esque side with a Napalm Death/Agathocles mix-up.

Erase and Reborn Humanity won’t disappoint grinders out there, and as long as far as I'm concerned, they have originality and a sense of how to invite the listeners to go to a gig of theirs. I for one would kill myself in the mosh pit. Bruises guaranteed or your money back!

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